• Available in various colours and different weight options
  • Made from food grade resin, non-toxic and odourless
  • One piece moulded product
  • Easy to handle, stack and reusable
  • Air tight and 100% leak proof
  • Tamper proof and auto sealable
  • Most suited for export packaging, optimum space utilisation
  • No corrosive and chemically inert

Wide Mouth Jars

1kg - 15 litre

Jars with / without tap suitable for Filling chemicals, agrochemicals, edible oil etc.

Model Type Dimension(mm)
    L B H
301315 Ltrs Tap Barni286218374
301415 Ltrs. Jar292192407
10735 Kg Square Barni163165246
10631 Kg Round Barni Ø = 106H = 163
10562 Kg Square   
10555 Kg Square166166260
301910 Kg Square212212324
301715 Kg Square241241372
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Narrow Mouth Jars

2 litre - 15 litre

Jars specially made for edible oil and food industry requirements. Attractive and ergonomic design.

Model Type Dimension(mm)
    L B H
10085 Ltrs Can   
301115 Ltrs Jar303196366
10402 Ltrs Jerry Can15092254
10355 Ltrs Jerry Can181142310
301215 Ltrs Jerry can283197377
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Jerry Cans

1 litre - 39 litre

Widely used for various industrial applications - oil, chemicals, acids, auxiliary chemicals, solvents adhesives, pharma formulations etc.
Jerry cans are easy to handle, fill and unload.Leak proof design adds value to your packaging needs.
Branding by way of stickers and screen printing makes your product stand out in market place.

Model Type Dimension(mm)
C-295 Ltrs Jerry Can208115308
10685 Ltrs Jerry Can215150290
10511 Ltr. Jerry Can10777172
10502 Ltrs Jerry Can14399221
10754 Ltrs Jerry Can181120287
10495 Ltrs Jerry Can178142293
10895 Ltrs Jerry Can204155296
1061500ml Container7758176
10321 Ltrs. Container10077221
10313.5 Ltrs. Container188120260
10224 Ltrs. Container191131268
10215 Ltrs. Container196131303
400210 Ltrs. JC273168347
400135 Ltrs. JC388245480
401335 Ltrs. JC (SM)388245480
400839 Ltrs. JC388248498

Round Containers

20 litre - 50 litre

Round containers suitable for lubes, gear oils etc. 50 litre and 20 ltitre capacity. Sturdy Design.
Available in different colours and branding options customised to meet your requirements.

Model Type Dimension(mm)
    L B H
300820 Ltrs. Ø = 294H = 395
400950 Ltrs. Ø = 410H = 540

Wide Mouth Containers

50 litre - 100 litre

Wide mouth containers are widely used to pack adhesive, binders, chemicals in semi- solid, glue form. Sturdy design and option for different mouth diameter of 6" or 8" / 2" and 1" is available.
The branding of your product name with screen printing of company logo or brand name adds value to your products.

Model Type Dimension(mm)
401450 Ltrs WM Ø = 582H = 560
4023100 Ltrs WM Ø = 475H = 722

Open Top Containers

15 litre - 120 litre

We offer open top containers suitable for packing chemical products in powder, solid, paste, gel, or simi-solid forms.
Available in various sizes from 15 litre to 120 litre full open top containers for maximum economy and use for easy handling.

Model Type Dimension(mm)
    L B H
401820 Ltrs OT Ø = 300H = 400
401630 Ltrs OT Ø = 315H = 512
400335 Ltrs OT Ø = 325H = 543
400750 Ltrs OT Ø = 375H = 585
401260 Ltrs OT Ø = 375H = 660
4019120 Ltrs OT Ø = 475H = 795
402440 Ltrs OT Ø = 353H = 483
402615 Ltrs OT Ø = 300H = 332
402740 Ltrs OT WT Ø = 332H = 590

Square Containers

20 litre -50 litre

Square containers for filling chemicals, oils, acids, alkalies etc.
Space saving design that enables maximum utilisation of space during transit.

Model Type Dimension(mm)
400620 Ltrs Square285250390
400525 Ltrs Square277262445
401035 Ltrs Square320292472
401720 Ltrs Square276251400
400450 Ltrs Rocket400334570
402130 Ltrs Square330302418
402227 Ltrs Square335292380

Customised Moulding / OEM

We cater to ever growing automobile industry requirements for seats and other parts.
We provide services to mould special products as per customer requirement. viz. tool bag, agri-spray, vents etc.
Containers suitable for agrochemicals from 100ml to 5 litre.

Accessories & Vent Caps

We give best of accessories - viz. lugs, pins handle etc. to enhance the utility and add value in your packaging requirements enabling efficiency while handling the containers.
We offer a specially designed vent cap (d-gas vent) suitable for packaging gaseous products viz. hydrogen peroxide, cleaning agents, chemicals. These vents can be used on various containers made by us.

Research & Material Testing

We are equipped with Research & Material Testing Laboratory having highly experienced and well trained technical team. All containers / barrels are tested as per Quality Assurance Plan to meet IS 6312 standards. We also arrange to test containers / barrels from IIP or any other lab for exports and UN certification as per customer`s requirement.

Drop Test ,Stack Test, Hydrostatic Test, ESCR Test, Closure Leakage Test, Tape Test for Printing etc.

Branding & Screen Printing

We are equipped with in house screen printing facility to enhance your product value in market place